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Health exams and treatments are not one size fits all, which is why we offer individual exams for a variety of health concerns. These can be customized according to the patients individual needs, and can be combined to create specific health packages to address any concerns you may have. 

Förbättrad diagnostik med AMRA® Profiler

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AMRA® Profiler är ett verktyg som ger stöd vid diagnos och övervakning av metabola och muskel-relaterade sjukdomar. AMRA omvandlar 3D MR bilder från en snabb helkropps-scan till kvantitativa fett- och muskelvärden. 

AMRA® Profiler avger ingen joniserande strålning, och ger exceptionell mätnoggranhet och precision vid mätning av individens fett och muskler, samt fett-fördelning och metabol status. Med detta verktyg kan vi se högt visceralfett och dålig fett-fördelning och däri upptäcka ökad risk för typ II Diabetes och hjärt- kärlsjukdomar. 

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Since every patient's health and needs are different, and a combination of treatments may be necessary, it is nearly impossible to give a set price for our individual exams and treatments. During your initial contact with us we will determine what your specific needs are and will then suggest a personal package with the treatment(s) needed, as well as a price for the package. However, all of our exams and treatments are so called "all inclusive". This means that you will receive a full service package that includes the exam/treatment, all transportation in when in Riga, and a personal SMC assistant that will accompany you during your stay. 

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Our Treatments

Sleep/Apnea Diagnostics & Therapy

Disrupted sleep and snoring affects many people. Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a medical condition that affects up to 4% of all middle aged adults. Many patients are not aware of their heavy snoring and repeated disruption of sleep, which often leads to OSA being undiagnosed. 

In our sleep lab we have the tools to both diagnose and treat both obstructive sleep apnea and other breathing difficulties. During a full night study (so called polysomnography) your sleeping patterns and behaviour is examined. Polysomnography is an effective tool for diagnosing a range of breathing problems, as well as neurological and other problems. 

Woman sleeping in her bed

AMRA - Body Composition

AMRA® Profiler is a tool that gives additional support when diagnosing and monitoring metabolic and muscle-related diseases. AMRA converts 3D MRI scans from a quick full body scan to quantitative fat and muscle values, that are put in a reference range to detect abnormalities.

AMRA® Profiler does not emit any ionizing radiation, and delivers exceptional measuring accuracy and precision when measuring the individual's fat och muscle composition, as well as fat distribution and metabolic status. With this tool we can see high visceral fat and poor fat distribution, and therein detect higher risk for type II Diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

DXA - Bone Density Measurement

Osteoporosis is a disease that causes weakening of the bones, which in turn increases the risk of bone fractures. It is a common disease that often affects women post menopause. Factors such as lack of exercise, smoking, lacking diet, or heredity can result in osteoporosis. 

DXA is the most common methods for measuring bone density. The exam takes only 20 minutes and will detect any sign of osteoporosis.  

Human skeleton


Our clinic treats all of the most common eye diseases, such as cataract disease. To determine the course of treatment we always begin with a complete eye exam. All surgeries at the clinic are performed by experienced eye surgeons, using only the latest equipment, and are often minimally invasive enough that you can leave the clinic the same day. At the clinic we also offer:

Closeup of human eye

- Corrective surgery with ICL (Intraocular Contact Lens)

- Strabismus treatment

- Treatment of vision loss due to diabetes

- Refractive surgery 

- Treatment of conjunctivitis

- Treatment of amblyopia (visual impairment)

Dental Health

SMC offers dental services to both children and adults, and have a range of specialists at our disposal. We diagnose and treat dental problems such as gum disease, root canals, and general tooth injuries and disease. We also offer tooth repairs and replacements, x-ray diagnostics, orthodontics, teeth whitening, and treatment for children with cleft palate.

Woman smiling with white teeth

"The doctors were very professional and the service was fantastic! I wasn't sure if the health care in Latvia would be of the same quality as home, but I was pleasantly surprised. The SMC assistant took care of everything and the result was great."

- Karin, Stockholm

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Gastroinstestinal exams in the form of gastroscopy or colonoscopy (under anesthesia) separately or combined. During a gastroscopy the doctor examines the interior of the stomach using a gastroscope. It consists of a soft tube that is led down to the stomach through the mouth. A gastroscopy can detects signs of inflammation, wounds, or tumors in the stomach. 

During a colonoscopy the doctor examines the big intestine using a colonoscope. It is a soft tube that enters the intestine through the rectum. A colonoscopy can detect signs of inflammation, wounds, or tumors in the intestine. If necessary, a biopsy sample is taken during the exam and analysed to detect potential cell changes. 

Intestines in human abdomen


Cardiovascular disease becomes more and more common, and many factors affect our heart health, such as heredity, smoking, high blood pressure, overweight, diabetes, and stress.

A heart exam gives you full insight into you current heart health, and can include a normal EKG, a heart ultrasound (EHO cardiogram), and a work test that examines how your heart, lungs, and blood circulation is affected when your body is exercised.

Model of a human heart

PET/CT Cancer Diagnostics

PET/CT scans is the leading method for cancer diagnostics as there is no other method with the same level of precision. With PET/CT scans we can:

- Diagnose cancer (even before first symptoms)

- Define cancer stage

- Evaluate response to current treatment

- Detect relapse

- Help with planning of surgery or radiation therapy

PET/CT Scan machine

Doppler Scan

Doppler Scan is an advanced ultrasound exam of pulse vessels in the neck or groin for example.

Doppler ultrasound scan of a human

Computer Tomography

Computer tomography is a further development of the conventional x-ray. This new technology gives us a full 3D picture of your inner anatomy, including visualizing organs that have a density that is too low for a common x-ray to detect. 

Computer Tomography machine

MRI for Individual Organs

MRI exams are one of the most precise methods for getting a detailed picture of a specific organ's current status. It is a trusted and completely pain free exam, that detects even small changes and some of the most common causes of death, such as cardiac disease and cancer, even before symptoms start to show. 

MRI scan of human brain

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